Velveeta mac and cheese with bacon bits

This Bacon Mac and Cheese is cheesy, creamy, salty and so comforting. Easy to prepare with simple ingredients. Ready in under 30 minutes.

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I went a little nuts over the weekend and cooked some seriously delicious food. This homemade bacon mac and cheese is deadly, comforting and oh so beautiful to look at then devour. Not diet. So I came up with this little concoction. I did this for one of two reasons, I actually had Velveeta cheese on hand in my fridge from another recipe and I really do like the way it melts down with the sauce and makes everything creamier and cheesier.

Ok this post just gave me a major mac and cheese craving!!!

Velveeta Mac and Cheese with Bacon Recipes

Thanks a lot : The pictures are beautiful, I feel like I can taste the bacon! Mmm, yum and double yum. Mac and cheese is my favourite home cooked meal! I made your Guinness Brasied Short Ribs for my family two nights ago … they are still talking about them! They were delicious and the gravy was unbelievable! Definitely a keeper! I followed your recipe to a tee.. We put the leftover gravy over buttered noodles the next day … Yummy!

Thank you Stella for a rave review!

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bacon mac n’ cheese

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VELVEETA® Down-Home Macaroni and Cheese Recipe -

No Sharp. No American. It tasted quite fantastic. Mac and cheese in general is not my favorite, but this is an exception. My husband loved it, said so with the first bite and it is my favorite as well. Definitely a keeper. To keep the fats down more, I used turkey bacon. Really yummy! I've been looking for a creamy Mac n cheese recipe for a while, and this didn't disappoint. I made it straight without the broccoli or bacon, and the flavor and texture were wonderful. My cheddar had some horseradish in it, that made for a nice extra kick. I might cut back the salt just a tad next time. Otherwise, delicious and simple.

Velveeta Bacon Mac & Cheese - Microwave Delights

I look forward to making it with the broc n bacon. My husband and I really loved this recipe! I love the ease of a one-dish recipe such as this. The dish comes together quite quickly and the cheese sauce is delicious. Quite yummy and super fast. Hubby and I tag-teamed on this and from start to finish including eating was less than 45 minutes. This recipe suprised me as to how easy it was and also how much food it made. The sauce was fabulous and it was gone as quickly as it was prepared.