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Experienced Mac users often attempt to solve the issue, but are unsuccessful. For everyday users and experienced Mac users alike, this problem can be frustrating, but fortunately, having analysed users' reports and suggestions, we have a number of solutions. Note that there might be several causes of this error message. The easiest way to find a solution is to try all methods mentioned in this guide - these should eliminate the "a secure connection could not be established" error message.

Table of Contents:. DNS server entries might cause this problem. Google suggests that you to use their 'open entries' to ensure your connection is secure.

How to customize Reader View for specific websites

Click the Advanced button and select the DNS tab, remove all existing entries by selecting them and clicking minus -. Restart the browser and check if the problem is solved.

Click the "Safari" menu, choose "Preferences"

Apple has improved protection of their products, and as a result, block websites that contain weak encryption websites that do not apply safety certificates that approve a webpage's encryption. Also, Safari might block a server if it detects that the connection route is through any proxy servers.

Security improvements appeared with OS version If your issue is caused by a missing or incorrect certificates problem, attempt to open the website through another browser such as Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome. Quite often, Facebook and Twitter are interpreted as threats. Once the alternative browser loads the website, you will see a small green lock next to the URL address. Click the lock, and in the new pop-up window, click the more information button. In the new window, select the security tab, which is last option at the bottom.

You may also want to take a moment to clear your cookies and history in Safari. After extensive testing and debugging, it seems that when you disable Third-Party cookies in Safari, it will still hold on to them and keep using them until you restart Safari or perhaps even Reset Safari.

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So if you choose to disable third-party cookies in Safari, make sure you restart and preferably Reset Safari to ensure that it doesn't keep using any third party cookies it may have cached. Here are some guides for other web browsers like Internet Explorer or Chrome.

Homepage Guides How to enable Cookies Safari. Enable Cookies in Safari This guide will step you through the process of configuring Cookies in Safari. Click the "Safari" menu, choose "Preferences" Make sure you have a Safari window open and active; you will see the "Safari" menu in the top left of your screen.

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How To Block or Allow Pop-Ups On Your Mac

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