Western digital my book studio 2tb review mac

The back of the unit has the USB port, power port and Kensington lock slot.

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WD includes quite a bit of software with the My Book products. WD's updated SmartWare software is the highlight of the included programs. It's a comprehensive offering that allows PC users to have an easy to manage, yet flexible backup solution. Users can opt to backup specific files types or folders and manage the frequency accordingly. For a more complete system recovery solution, WD has included Acronis True Image which can take regular snapshots of the entire system.

The Mac software suite is a little more spartan, taking into account that the platform comes with Time Machine and other tools that the PC doesn't always have. WD focuses their efforts here on a WD drive utilities tool that includes features like SMART data collector, drive diagnostics tools and sleep timer, which can power the drive down after a period of inactivity.

WD also offers a security utility that requires a password to access the drive. These tools are also available for the PC version. Overall, all of the software provides significant value-add, more so on the PC side, and makes managing the drive much easier than competitive solutions. While many external drives include a lot of software with questionable benefit, the WD tools are a usefull addition.

PC users will see good value from the included software tools, the Mac side gets a good drive utility and gets to keep relying on Time Machine for backup.

Western Digital My Book Studio Hard Drive Review

In the end there's nothing too fancy about the My Book product The My Book line stands out as a great option for those who need a simple direct attached storage option. WD My Book at Amazon.

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Discuss This Review. All rights reserved. Dell Precision Optimizer Software Overview. He also said that the drives he uses tell him hirn by email that they are about to fail. Cool or what!

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If this is true then it is really cool it does this and even more cool I was able to intuit the situation and take advantage of it. I will speak with him again the next time I see him. Meanwhile someone else out there may be able to fill in the gaps maybe? Hint, hint!! Speaking of which, I have found this review that goes a little way to helping me understand what is going on.

The Hard Drive Might be corrupted even mine did. Do a data recovery and reformat the hard drive and its going to be good. The drive just sits there making a faint clicking noise. I would guess that it is to do with the mechanism that spins the platters or its power supply, rather than the electronics that control the data tranfer because the LED on the front glows normally even when the power cable has been disconnected and the firewire cable left in situ. Or it could be something else entirely, of course. Yes I agree. I have just tried once more with it plug directly into the wall socket, but no joy.

Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II 6TB Review

The round blue LED on the front lights up well the outermost ring does but now it remains silent. No, I think it is time I cut my losses and buy a new one. Well - I did not receive any responses via the forum, I realize these take some time, so I called Western Digital Support Directly today and though they had to accellerate me to 3 different support levels over 60minutes - they were very helpful.

The Senior Technician in Calif. Unfortunately - the Sr. Tech stated that they have nor will be working on a solution for this - which is a Sad statement as the drive showed great potential at first, I had been surprised that it was so cross-platform compatible initially.

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Yes, you are correct. What that mean? Anyway, WD on their website state this clearly. Hence I purchased the 2TB version. Curiously, Apple Store offers the 4TB version for sale. It was lucky for me that I saw the WD site first. If you bought the 4Tb version through the AppleStore you may wish to take this up with them. MacOS X?

I doubt it though. Sorry Charlie - but it seems Western Digital needs to correct this error - and then inform their own Tech support personnel, as Tech Support is stating that its a known problem, however the website states clearly that both Mac and Win 7 are supported. We appear to be talking about different devices. Support Downloads Knowledge Base.

German Spanish Italian French. HGST Support. External Drives for Mac. Skip to content WD includes quite a bit of software with the My Book products.