Clear cache on mac yosemite

A password prompt will appear. The RAM and disk caches are now cleared. It won't let me type in my password, so I hit enter and it says that my profile is not a part of the sudoers file. What do I do? Sudo is the top administrative level on a Linux-based system such as a Mac. Typing in your password should not be running sudo. The sudoers file is a record of which users are allowed to run sudo, and all administrators should be on this list. I would recommend contacting Apple support, as this could be evidence of malware trying to gain administrative privileges. Yes No.

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I typed in my password 3 times incorrectly, and it won't let me do anything. What should I do? Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. If you delete the wrong files you could corrupt your system. While that may be true, it does remove items, files, thingies from your computer which are not used for anything.


How to Clear RAM on Mac: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

I use OnyX for cleaning my Mac. I keep the app up-to-date in accordance to my OS upgrades, and will continue to use it on a regular monthly basis, until someone shows me exactly how it is causing me harm. Last thing I would do is delete the entire contents of the Cache folder. Instead, intelligently look at targets based on issues you may be experiencing to avoid unpleasant surprises. Yeah I use it too, got the Pro version, though it is a low priority for Piriform.

Releases come once on a while. Realistically nobody should be messing around in either of them… clear your cache through web browsers, reboot the computer. I soon realized that my personal data was showing up on my work Mac — most alarmingly was the content of my personal Address book. I thought that had ended the problem of personal data showing up on my work Mac.

The full content of both of those Address Book results were completely visible in the preview, revealing personal data I do not want showing up on my work Mac. However, when double-clicking on those results, an empty Address book window opens.

How to check your storage space on your Mac

Are there any leftover files I can delete that will remove that old personal contact data connected to a former Apple ID, so they will no longer show up in a Spotlight search? I simply have no idea what to try next. If you could update this article with the correct method of accessing the Library folder to clean out the cache, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Thank you. I wrote the article yesterday, but Apple did change the keystroke after having it be the Option key for many years. Old habits die hard! Maybe they like to change keystrokes to keep us all on our toes ;. I have Sierra Again, this may be a different thing in the international version. I have the latest version of Sierra installed but it is like Apple have differing versions throughout the world.

Rather than trash the files, put them on another drive in a folder appropriately labeled. If something goes incredibly wrong, you might be able to recover by returning one or more.

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  4. Safari 10.0.1+ (Mac) - Clearing Cache and Cookies.

Writing a note-to-self explaining WTF you did would be wise with the url of this page. Looking to find a way of finding in logs or anything else why my iMac crashes for no apparent reason. Typically updating an app or system software will remedy crashes, rarely the caches are related unless something is being reloaded from cache that is causing the problem.

A good place to ask this would be in the Apple Community forums — go to apple. Fast forward podcasts the same way you do music. Name required.

How to Clear Browser Cache on a MacBook?

Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Helen W says:. August 5, at pm. EMO says:. September 28, at pm. Fizgig says:. July 13, at pm.

How To Clear or Flush ARP Cache in OS X Yosemite

July 5, at pm. Robbo says:. May 7, at am. Art Jacks says:. April 21, at am. April 20, at am. There is another much easier and quicker way to delete cache files.

Clearing Your Mac Safari Browser Cache (#1687)

Use the free application Funter. Funter is a super easy and efficient tool to search folders and different system files, no matter if they are hidden or not. Select Cache files and click Remove button in the right bottom corner. Funter is a useful tool to get rid of any unneeded data on your Mac with one or two clicks. It shows all hidden files that neither Finder nor Terminal can find. With Funter, you can easily clear the cache, prevent your Mac from going slowly, find download folders and unnecessary files.

Note: It happens that cache memory may be useful, for example, it keeps passwords saved in browsers. Find the steps here to remove distinct cache folders responsible for specific applications.