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For more information about Net Nanny, visit www. ContentWatch's mission is to be the world leader in thought and technology by creating Internet management tools and services that provide homes and businesses with a safer, more productive Internet experience through its patent-pending contextual analysis engine.

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ContentWatch Internet Management solutions are used in over different countries. For more information on ContentWatch products, visit www.

Using NetNanny to protect your families

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  5. Being able to schedule when kids have access and even keep logs of what they're doing can be a major help if you're not able to sit right next to them at all times. Now, Mac users finally have that functionality too, as ContentWatch has finally released a version of NetNanny for the Mac.

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    5. Free Trial! Net Nanny Keeps Kids and Tweens Safe Online #NNSummer #ad.
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    7. There's a handy configuration assistant that makes setting all of these preferences easy-to-use, and it can even be set up with profiles for multiple users handy if you have kids of different ages and you want to limit them on different things. ContentWatch also apparently anticipates Mac users who will ask "how is this better than what Apple already gives me?

      Of course, the odds on this chart are heavily stacked in NetNanny's favor, but it's a helpful list of what you can expect to get out of the software.