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Here we go.. Lets compile some code!

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FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. In its simplest form, FFmpeg is a decoder and also an encoder, enabling it to convert files from one container or codec to a another one. FFmpeg is an open source project, it will convert most popular file formats.

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If you persevere with FFmpeg, you can easily create a good cross platform application for hosting on Windows or Linux servers, and there is no fee. Why we need FFmpeg.

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How websites differ is often down to the content they feature. Video is an important feature of most popular sites these days, to varying degrees.

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What is certain is that obviously lacking the capability to host video makes a site seem out of date. FFmpeg allows you to convert video files from one format to another, which is crucial today. It allows you to host programs related to software and programs.

It enables you to perform Encoding and decoding processes on video and audio files. Lastly it allows for the running of an effective video sharing website.

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Given that many more people now want to be able to add video to their sites, there's been a demand for the technology that perhaps didn't take into account the difficulties involved in accomplishing the task at hand. It is the latest stable FFmpeg release from the 4.

It is the latest stable FFmpeg release from the 3. It is the latest stable FFmpeg release from the 2.

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Amongst lots of other changes, it includes all changes from ffmpeg-mt, libav master of , libav 11 as of Get the Sources Download Snapshot. Git Repositories. Browse Snapshot.

Download xz tarball PGP signature. Download bzip2 tarball PGP signature. Download gzip tarball PGP signature.

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