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We have to submit to Apple and Intel multiple samples of EACH capacity with the drive to be built with and get individual certification on each config. Workaround solution : if you have a Thunderbolt 3 Dock or other other powered Thunderbolt 3 device, run through that and no issues.

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Thank you Apple! Expect this to be resolved by Apple via an OS update that includes firmware update for Mac mini.

Confusing Mini DisplayPort with Thunderbolt - CNET

It might already be rolled into All Posts by Date or last 15 , 30 , 90 or days. Thank you for purchasing through links and ads on this site. Upgrade the memory of your Mac mini up to 64GB. Capacities up to 84 Terabytes!


This cost associated with Thunderbolt is an inherent limitation in the technology that could be compensated by supporting USB 3. Apple is supposedly talking directly with some of its hardware partners, most likely early Thunderbolt supporters, to have them develop external drives more suited to the home or to small companies. That means you only get two Thunderbolt channels and one DP output.

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Presumably to cut down costs, save motherboard space and have a better impact on battery life, Apple decided to use a smaller version of the Thunderbolt controller that made its first appearance in February on the new MacBook Pros, first to feature the Thunderbolt technology co-developed by Apple and Intel and originally named Light Peak. It was previously reported high production costs of Thunderbolt ports could be the reason behind relatively slow adoption by third-party accessory makers.

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You can read more about Thunderbolt here. The inch Apple Thunderbolt Display gets the obvious updates this morning: you can expect a a Thunderbolt and MagSafe connections a two pronged cable instead of three for upstream data, and a Thunderbolt port out back for connecting a second Cinema Display for use with inch or inch iMacs. You can check out the full press release after the break. Interestingly there is no optical drive in the Mini anymore.

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So what did we do with all the extra space? There will be two standard models available for the average consumer as well as one server model. The base model will come with a 2. The second model increases the processor clock to 2.

follow url MIC Gadget has an interesting article today that has some details of what could be an imminent Mac Pro update. Curiously, in one of the promo images, it was shown beside a Mac Pro.

This is despite the device being a Thunderbolt-only device, which the Mac Pro does not currently support. The image was subsequently pulled and whilst it could just have been an error by the graphics department, it does fit in line with the suggestion that Thunderbolt capability is slowly being rolled out onto every Mac with every hardware refresh.