How to save pictures from iphone to mac without iphoto

How to Import Photos from iPhone to Mac

The latest iPhone models keep producing better and better camera pictures. Today we will tell you how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac.

Copy photos and videos from your ipad or iphone to your mac without using iphoto. ios to osx

It will take a few seconds to a minute to copy photos and videos to Mac. After transferring the photos you can view them in separate albums as you do on your iPhone:. Now you have learned 3 easy ways to copy photos from iPhone to Mac.

These four methods have proven the handiest in our experience:. Although Macs have more storage than iPhones, that storage is not infinite, so you might want to avoid dumping thousands of unneeded pics onto your Mac. If you want to transfer all content from your iPhone without having to wait forever, and back it up at the same time, a third-party utility like AnyTrans for iOS makes much more sense.

A combination of a backup tool and media downloader, AnyTrans helps you migrate content. Your content will travel instantly.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac without iPhoto?

When an iPhone is connected, the macOS Photos app automatically opens and suggests importing your photos. Once the import is complete, you can ask Photos to automatically delete the pics on your iPhone, giving you space to start again and take even more pictures. Another way to move photos from an iPhone to a Mac is with iCloud.

Choose where you want to keep your photos and videos

Remember: while you have iCloud Photo Library on, any changes you make to photos on one device will automatically sync to the other. Whichever method you use, Apple makes it easy to transfer photos and videos from an iPhone to a Mac. How To.

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  6. Method 2: Transfer iPhone Photos to Mac Wirelessly with AirDrop.
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The iPhone has an 8 megapixel camera, so the photos it takes are quite large in file size. If you use the camera on a regular basis, you should regularly transfer the photos off your iPhone.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

The iPhoto application is usually used for transferring photos to a Mac computer, but you can also do it without it. Wait a moment for your Mac to recognize that it has been connected. Click the "Finder" button in the Dock and click the "Applications" folder in the left pane. Scroll through the list of applications to "Image Capture" and double-click it to open it.