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Because Hope is a flame that burns brightly forever when people care. That was a very touching post Alex. Ola, I am very sorry for your loss. LIke many other posters my stomach is in knots and my eyes are filled with tears for you, Ben and Blue.

I am so proud and awestruck by your loving heart and how you give so much to these amazing animals. Aleksandra- I am so so sorry to hear about sweet Blue. I can completely relate and know how hard and devestating it is to be in a situation where you feel so helpless. I want to commend you for being so in tune with the needs of Blue and the reality of her being unadoptable. I am sure you guys made her last weeks as bright and happy as possible and she was able to spend her last days being loved and doted on. Again I am so so sorry, you guys will be in my thoughts.

You were probably one the the few humans who made Baby Blue feel loved. Blue is free now, running at the Bridge, remembering you, and waiting for you, where he will meet you as the sweet soul he was born to be and got beaten out of him by the evil in this world. Your actions and thoughtfulness inspire me to strive to be better person. Thank you for everything you do for the dogs who come into your world, but also thank you for being strong enough to tell the hard story as well as the happy endings.

My thoughts are with you and Ben.

Thank you for trying. Being involved in rescue is definitely an emotional roller coaster. My no-kill shelter has to occasionally make these decisions for dogs that have been returned to us, had unknown issues prior to coming to us, or have suffered from kennel stress. I also am truly humbled by the awesome responses to this post.

I expected to see verbal attacks and blaming. The words spoken here make me so proud to be part of the rescue community especially the bully loving one.

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We too feel so honored and blessed to be part of such an amazing community. I had braced myself for much more doubt and questioning, which would not even have been unreasonable, given the seeming suddenness of what happened with Baby Blue. Our hearts and minds were spinning in a conflicted whirlwind all week, and we are still playing catch-up.

I have been trying to think all day what to say. There is nothing I can say to comfort you and your amazing husband, who I feel we have become close to because of your blog. We just want to thank you for all you do and being so frank with your readers during a difficult time. RIP Blue. Ditto what everyone else has said. I hope this is the only time you have to make this decision.

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I applaud you for what you do with fostering and for what you did and tried to do for Blue. She will be at peace now for possibly the first time in her life, and smiling ALL the time. As I first told you when you showed us Blue, he looks just like my kitty from my childhood. I do NOT cry easily but this post had me sobbing. You made a very wise and brave decision that unfortunately obviously needed to be made. At least her last days were comfortable and as fear free as they could be for her and she was held in loving arms as she departed this world.

Too many dogs out there will never have even that. Oh Aleksandra, I am so very sorry for you, your husband, and sweet Blue. This breaks my heart. I cannot express enough how much I admire your dedication and compassion for your fosters, especially Blue. What a lucky girl she was to have had you two in her life.

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And one of the hardest. All my love to your family. I read this yesterday and cried my eyes out for Blue and I thought all night about what I wanted to say. And then I re-read your post and have been sitting here crying again. I hope this only helps to make you even more amazing foster parents so that you can help more pups like Blue or Gonzo or our favorite Wonder Dog. Just remember that you are making a difference and inspiring your readers to make an impact too.

As always, your pics tell the entire story. Hope you know that you made a BIG difference by loving him to the end. Bless you for what you do. Keep us the incredible lovely work that you do! However, I am also very empathetic to your decision. Of the 9 foster dogs we have had, one ended up being unadoptable.

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He was an extremely adorable 5 yr. However, like you described, he would often snap on people with no warning at all. Because his reactions came without any warning, he was deemed unadoptable. It was so hard to see him go, and after a few more foster attempts one with a certified trainer , the decision was made to let him go. We fostered him for one week, and I absolutely adored him. I wish you strength and peace in the decision, and know that you did all that you could for this poor sweet dog.

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Thanks for being so open and honest. I always enjoy the successful adoption stories but it is easy to forget or push to the back of your mind that there are tens of thousands of dogs who are not that lucky. Oh Baby Blue. What a hard decision this had to have been to make. Tears are running down my face. I had to do the same to my Darcy man, my little boy, my beauty and it hurts so much. Pingback: Pup links! I am so very sorry for your painful loss. You have our complete support and empathy. Oh honey.

How tough that must have been. How brave of you to do the right thing by Blue. My heart breaks for you.

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Thank you for showing her love and care. Hugs to you. I am so very sorry that you all had this experience, but also so thankful there are amazing people like you who give these dogs a chance. Thank you. Pingback: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain confessions of a pit bull addict.

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Pingback: One year blog-a-versary: the stats. Pingback: Things I Love Tuesday katiebuss: goals. Thank you for making that connection. I hope it helped your friend. Someone just sent me the link to this, and I am so glad they did — though I wish I had found it earlier.

Right around the time you had Blue, we had an 8 week old puppy with either behavior issues fixable! He was only a pup. We took him in to evaluate him in a home setting — what sounds like the compassion fostering you mentioned. After 2 weeks, we realized that it was a non-fixable issue, and we had to say goodbye to him.