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How to Properly Transfer Your Old Cassette Tapes To CD Or MP3 (HQ)

With basic audio recording software and multimedia programs such as iTunes you can digitize your entire cassette collection in just a few short steps. The process seems complicated on the surface but all you really need is your cassette collection, a tape deck, a computer, some recording software and a patch cable.

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The hardest part about digitizing music is just finding the time to sit down and playback your cassettes. Connect the RCA side of the patch cable to the left and right speaker channels on your cassette deck. From a Windows machine, go to "Control panel" then click on "Sounds and audio devices. Under "Sound recording" click on the "Volume" button.

Then the windows mixer utility will open. Playback the cassette tape for a few minutes and adjust the input volume fader to the desired volume. From an Apple system, go to "System Preferences" then click on the speaker icon that says "Audio. Download Audacity, a free audio editing and recording software available at Sourceforge. Go to sourceforge.

If you use an Apple system click "Download 1. When you are ready, click the "Record" button in Audacity, then press "Play" on the cassette deck to begin recording. Once the song is finished, press "Pause" on the cassette deck, then "Stop" on the recording software. Repeat steps 4 through 6 with each cassette you attempt to record. In Audacity, save the track as an MP3 file, then create a folder with the name of the artist and the album you are recording.

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Be sure to save each song you record to the correct folder. Let us transfer your audio cassette tapes to CD or computer files, and preserve your precious memories for all to enjoy again.

The CD will be ready to play on your CD player or computer and will feature a single track for each side of the tape. The tracks will allow you to select a recording without having to fast forward or rewind, as you had to with the tape. Each CD can accomodate up to one hour and twenty minutes.

Each tape side will be saved as an individual audio file. The files will be ready to play on your computer or laptop, and are ideal for storage, or for importing into your computer editing software to create your own CD's. We use professional cassette tape players, and constantly monitor the tape transfer as it progresses.

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This enables us to adjust sound levels as required. We can convert regular compact cassettes, and also minicassettes and microcassettes dictation tapes. We can usually carry out a temporary repair to damaged or broken tape cassettes in order to transfer them. I have safely received the CD copy of the tape I sent to you, thanks very much. The quality of the copy is excellent; it is amazing how much clearer it is than the original.

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Very many thanks for your help,. You copied an audio tape to cd for my boyfriend But not only that, the way in which you dealt with me, the speed of the turnaround, just everything about your service is competely outstanding. Click for more testimonials We are proud to offer you our premium audio cassette tape transfer service.