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Save the file with a new name to create multiple copies with unique file names. With one tap, you can quickly reset a file to the original version for another group of students to complete.

How to download SMART notebook for free

GEEZ guys, after reading the reviews I was considering not downloading this game but all my doubts were wrong. You made the app free but one thing when I edit the creative pen it freezes why can you fix it?

Installing SMART Learning Suite 16 on OS X operating system software

Don't bother. This is such a dumbed down version. No magic pen, no circle-dot-delete gesture. I use the full version all the time when teaching won't be using this until it is closer to the full fat version. I want my money back! This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. This version works with Notebook Fix issue when drag and drop grouped annotations.

SMART Board software ready for Mac OS X

Fix crash on iOS 8 when camera is disabled from the general settings. Fix rotation of jpg images with EXIF orientation. Fix drag and drop objects with sound or file attached.

Enhanced support for iOS 8. Updated to restrict to iOS 6 and above to ensure adequate performance. Bug fixes.

Software to View SMART Notebook Software When You Do Not Own a SMART Board

Modify the properties of objects such as ink, shapes and the highlighter. Sooooo disappointed. This guide has two ways for you to open, edit, and view Notebook lessons online using free software.

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Teachers who use such systems create these files with the included Notebook software. It means you have the option to open, edit, and view SMART notebook files that you may have been sent by a colleague. Just connect your computer to an LCD projector, or use another brand of interactive whiteboard, and try one of the following methods to view Notebook files.

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Not all districts are keen to have their teachers download and install programs on their school computers. Notebook Express has many useful functions including pen tools and text functions. You can add and delete slides, sort pages, move objects, run flash files, and even create and save notebook files of your own. Again, it has less features than the full version of Notebook, but it has the convenience of being online, and can again be used with other brands of interactive whiteboards or with an LCD projector.