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Schedule templates Templates let you very quickly roll out a new schedule. Manage employee availability easily Employees can inform their manager when they prefer to work. Book a demo Take a tour. Learn how businesses around the world use Planday. A few words from our customers. Travis Fish Bababoom Kebab. Thomas Greenall Bespoke Hotels.

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Not convinced yet? With Planday, you also get these extra perks. Free day trial We want you to be completely happy with our product, which is why we give you the option to try it out before you commit to a paid plan. Nothing to install Planday is cloud-based software, which means there is no system to install.

Free Rota Template for Excel

Free app The app allows you to access your work from anywhere. Different levels of user access Give the most access to Admins, who can see and edit everything, but protect staff data by only letting workers see limited information. Site setup for enterprise businesses Large businesses are especially complex, which is why we have a team of consultants who can help set up enterprise sites.

Fresh from the blog. Dom Hopkinson 6 min read. Life at Planday — James Gardner. Start making smarter employee schedules now. The free weekly work schedule template was built to help business and project managers schedule work for their staff and teams. Designed as a clear, simple-to-communicate PowerPoint slide, it can be used for a wide range of planning needs, from simplifying staffing schedules and coverage charts, to creating weekly agendas or shift schedules.

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It is a free, downloadable slide, enabling you to quickly make a weekly work schedule, coverage plan or graphical time-table which will be easy to view, update, print and share. Creating a work schedule as a visual, rather than as a list or table, is a useful scheduling technique because visuals are easier to understand and simpler to communicate. Update this work schedule template and send it to your team members or work force so they are focused on their assignments over the duration of a week, ensuring that work will be completed on time.

The template can also help you plan shifts more efficiently. To use this daily employee template, first, download a copy of it. You can then input the names of your employees and their roles. Then manually type in their start and end times for each day. The template is built in a spreadsheet, and you can insert additional rows if you need to schedule more than a dozen employees.

Free Employee Schedule Templates & Instructions

To use the weekly employee schedule template, download a copy of it and save it to your computer or shared drive. This template adds the ability to schedule employees around the clock. Like the other templates, you can add rows and columns using either Google Sheets or Excel to customize it to your operation.

Most retail and food service businesses schedule employees around specific times of the day. For example, your restaurant is likely to need more staff during lunch and dinner than mid-afternoon. Likewise, a small tourist shop may be busier midday than on weekends. This schedule accommodates those shifts easily and allows you to add more people at times of the day your business is busier. In addition, you can add details for each employee shift, such as job role or assigned workstation.

Similarly, you can modify the names of your shifts—such as shift 1, shift 2, shift 3—by replacing the existing breakfast, lunch, dinner text.

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You can also customize your colors, add rows for additional employees, and add columns for additional shifts, like if you schedule only four-hours per shift. For example, you may have a waiter who works in the bar Sunday afternoons but in the dining room on other days. Or perhaps one of your sales clerks is assigned to work the closing shift on Mondays only. Once your team grows larger, or you need to schedule workers across multiple locations, you may need scheduling software. The most obvious benefit of sharing employee schedules as a spreadsheet with your staff is that everyone can have access to the schedule.

By sharing access to your employee schedule template, your team may be happier with their work hours while you maintain control over the final schedule. An employee scheduling template makes sense in any kind of business that needs to plan employee work schedules in advance, such as a nail salon needing to ensure it has enough nail techs to service customers during the busiest time of day or a nonprofit that needs to make sure it has adequate staff to help families at the food bank.

There is a lot to consider and coordinate when it comes to good employee scheduling. The great news here is that our four employee scheduling templates are free. You simply download and customize them based on your scheduling needs. In fact, many scheduling software apps provide free templates as well. Others offer the scheduling software entirely free to smaller businesses.

Many time and attendance apps offer free employee scheduling templates. Get your free Homebase account and scheduling app for unlimited users. Visit Homebase. Employee scheduling software tools , like When I Work , are designed to make scheduling easy. They work by having you preload your employee data into the software with relevant information such as their job title and email address. You then build and update your schedule online using drag and drop tools. Most allow you to publish your employee work schedule via email or an app, and employees are usually able to request changes online.

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Time and attendance software , like Homebase , act as a virtual time clock for your business. Most provide scheduling tools as well so you can see what your labor costs are going to be or manage your overtime costs. Once the schedule is built, employees use it to clock in and out of each shift, and you can program it to prevent early clock-ins, thereby saving you money.

How to Use Your Excel Employee Schedule Template

You can filter these records by week, day, and even shift. Some POS software provide scheduling tools and may even have features such as weather predictions that may affect your staffing needs. This software can often manage individual employee and department scheduling on a daily basis, and some even accept client payments.

These templates work best for task-based scheduling such as planning contractors to work at a construction site or scheduling designers for a customer marketing campaign. Many chart and diagram tools provide pre-built templates including employee schedules that you can alter with your colors, logo, and images. For a quick and easy schedule, consider using a shared calendar like Google or Outlook. However, when you have multiple workers on the same shift, it can get difficult to view in a calendar format. On the one hand, you can save your data from week to week either as a tab or in a separate document making it easy to use.


Employee scheduling software and apps are a great alternative to using a manual or Excel employee scheduling templates. In addition to drag and drop scheduling features and pre-built templates, tools like When I Work and Homebase offer basic leave management and employee communication features that keep you and your staff in sync in real time.

When I Work offers free employee scheduling software to any small business that has 75 or fewer employees. It provides employee scheduling, a communication app, time off requests and approvals, plus a manager dashboard. Small businesses using When I Work rate it highly.

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See for yourself by reading our When I Work online reviews. Sign up for your free When I Work account. Homebase , like When I Work, provides employee scheduling, employee messaging, shift swapping and time-off requests. Homebase provides an app with a chat feature that lets you communicate one-on-one, or with the whole team at once.