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How to Take a Full Web Page Screen Shot on a Mac

As the price of solid-state drives comes down, it's reached a point where it's hard to recommend a system without at least a hybrid solution. In the battle of SSD vs. HDD, a clear winner has emerged. Posted 8 hours ago — By Jon Martindale.

Computing Running into MacBook restart issues? Try these tips and tricks to get it working again It can be frustrating when your Apple MacBook keeps restarting, but this serious problem can be fixed! We'll go over the common causes for this issue, what you can do to fix them, and why it's okay to take your Mac to a pro!

Posted 7 hours ago — By Tyler Lacoma.

How to save an image on your Mac computer in 3 different ways

Happy shopping! This guide is designed to help you decide whether you need the extra technological enhancements provided by the i7 core, or if the more affordable Core i5 will suit your needs.

In the i5 vs. Posted 6 hours ago — By Jon Martindale. Computing Can Lakefield help Intel contend with efficient chips from mobile competitors? The Intel Lakefield chip design is one of Intel's most intriguing developments in years. It combines high-performance cores with energy efficient ones for a mobile processor design that can do it all. Computing Get the best of both worlds by sharing your data on MacOS and Windows Compatibility issues between Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS may have diminished sharply over the years, but that doesn't mean they've completely disappeared.

Here's how to make an external drive work between both operating systems. Posted 5 hours ago — By Tyler Lacoma. Computing Tired of paying? Here are 4 ways to use Microsoft Office for free Many of us need to use Office apps from time to time — but we may not want or need to pay for a constant subscription.

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Fortunately, there are ways to get those services without paying. Here's how to get Microsoft Office for free. Computing Dodge the biggest laptop-buying mistakes with these handy tips and tricks Buying a new laptop is exciting, but you need to watch your footing. There are a number of pitfalls you need to avoid and we're here to help. Check out these top laptop buying mistakes and how to avoid them.

There are a few ways to find out how much space you have available. One way is to open the Apple menu by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left of your screen and then click on About This Mac.

How to Print Screen on a Mac

Choose Storage from the tabs and it will calculate how much of your storage is being used, and also show you what is using it. In newer versions of macOS you can click on Manage to get options for optimising your storage or storing photos and videos in iCloud rather than on your Mac.

If you use iCloud to sync files across multiple desktops and sync your photos to iCloud Photos, you may be suffering slowdowns while your system syncs in the background. If you use iCloud Desktop, avoid storing large documents on your desktop - don't drag and drop a humongous video file onto your desktop unless you really really need access at the other location.

In fact if you only store the documents you need access to on your iCloud desktop you may speed things up - and spend less time waiting for the files you actually need to sync up. If you use iCloud Photos on your Mac and you don't want that to be busy syncing images, avoid opening the app in the first place. If it proves problematic, turn off iCloud Photos on that device. We have more ideas of ways to stop Photos using all your system resources in the next tip. You may consider paying for iCloud Photo storage, thinking that this would mean you could delete photos from your Mac as they would be stored in the cloud, but unfortunately that isn't how iCloud Photos works.

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  7. Delete the photos from the Mac that they are stored on and you delete them from all your devices. Of course if you already have iCloud Photos this might mean that a lot of space is being taken up on your Mac by photos that are stored in iCloud - photos taken on your iPhone, for example.

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    In that case you might be better off turning off iCloud Photos sync on your Mac. You may like to use another service to back up your photos in the cloud. You could try DropBox or Google Drive for example. If you would prefer not to use a cloud service, a better idea would be to set up a separate storage device and move the photos currently stored on your Mac there. We explain those steps in more detail here: How to move your Photos library to an external drive.

    Here's how to move your Mac's iTunes Library to another location. Once your music is in iTunes Match you can just download the tracks you want to listen to when you want to listen to them. Read all about setting up iTunes Match here. If you're running the latest version of macOS you'll be able to set the Trash to automatically delete items regularly.

    To do so follow the following steps:. One quick way to recover a lot of space quickly is to open the Finder and choose Recents in older versions of Mac OS X you could choose All My Files , then either choose to sort by date or size. It's often a good idea to start removing apps that you really don't use. You can also remove widgets used in the Notification Centre. If you see any widgets that are no use, for example Stocks, click on Edit at the bottom of the screen and click on the red minus icon.

    If there is one to install ,do so. The good thing about the way that software update used to work is that you could see all the apps that needed updating at the same time as finding out if there was an update to macOS that you needed to install. Now if you want to check if your apps need updating you have to go the the App Store and click on Updates. If you have apps purchased outside of the App Store they will need to be updated separately. You'll usually find Check for Software Update if you click on the program name in the Menu bar. You should also make sure that macOS keeps itself up to date.

    You can also tick Install App Updates which will automatically ensure that apps are updated. Macs use a number of caches, small files retained on the hard drive with the intention of re-using them. As such, they can increase the performance of your Mac. Some are controlled by the system, others by individual apps. For instance, a web browser will cache web pages so that when a website is revisited, the pages can be read from hard drive rather than re-downloaded.

    The problem is that not all apps are well behaved in this area. Don't be surprised if a number of gigabytes are residing here. The biggest ones are likely to be for your web browser and the likes of iTunes and Spotify. As user caches are rebuilt when needed, you can safely delete these, especially for apps that are no longer used.

    Safari, Firefox and iTunes all allow you to clear caches directly within the apps. While you could go through all these cache files, deleting them, there are a number of useful utilities you can use to do this for you. Open the app, choose System Junk and then click Scan followed by Clean. All these apps do far more than just deleting caches.

    Speaking of Cache, Safari sometimes gets clogged up with data. Cleaning this out will help speed up Safari in macOS. Leave the other options unticked. Now click on Reset. This can help speed up sluggish web browsing. In later versions you'll need to open the Preferences dialog box, then select the Privacy icon and click the 'Manage Website Data You can then delete all cookies and cache by clicking the Remove All button.

    How to Print Screen to the Clipboard on a Mac

    It turns your cursor into a crosshair, which you can drag to select a portion of your screen to capture. Release the mouse button or trackpad to take the shot.

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    Press and release the space bar : The crosshair turns into a little camera icon, which you can move over any open window. Click on your desired window to take a screenshot of it. A screenshot captured by this method features a white border around the window with a bit of a drop shadow. It's very handy if your initial selection area is off by a few pixels; just hold down the space bar to reposition it before releasing the mouse button to snap a screenshot.

    Without releasing the mouse button, release the Shift key and hit it again to reposition the right edge of your selection area. You can toggle between moving the bottom edge and right edge by keeping the mouse button or touchpad engaged and pressing the Shift key.