Word 2008 mac crash on startup

I was typing something in Microsoft Word and the mac froze. I tried to boot it up again but it hasn't worked properly since, when you try booting it up it does one of 4 things:. I tried troubleshooting the RAM but didn't have much luck.

Zotero toolbar doesn't appear

When the Mac is running it shows the proper Dual 2. I've also tried resetting PMU etc. I have the whole kernel panic photographed but I don't know how much is important I can type out the rest if needed.

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I realise it's an old Mac but it still works great or at least up until now and performs fine for what I need it for so I'd be grateful for any help, thanks :. Randy McMillan randymcmillan.

Are you installing the RAM symmetrically? Maintaining parity?

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If there are four slots of RAM, then install on 1 and 3. Equal amounts in both slots. There will probably be a very little 1 next to the first slot on the logic board. Make sure no dust has accumulated on the internal components. Blow off with compressed air if dusty.


Classic Mac OS

Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Hi, I have a dual 2. This is essential especially on Mac , so that the preferences are not stored in memory when we edit them-or they will just be overwritten.

word processor plugin troubleshooting [Zotero Documentation]

Find the Lightroom preferences file. Open the Preferences folder and search for com. Now start Lightroom. The GPU will be off. Hopefully if the GPU is your crash issue, this should let you start Lightroom. During testing I noticed the rewriting on Lightroom startup and remembered that the preferences are now stored in memory once read, hence testing with a restart.

I have been struggling with this issue for several years now and it has wasted so much of my time. Today alone, your fix gave me back an hour that would have been spent doing hard reboots on my machine and hoping for the best for the rest of the day. This has also saved me countless hours in the future.

Start up in safe mode

With the project that I am currently working on, I have 6k more images to run through Lightroom. I was dreading all of the reboots that would take place. Yes, I am a stubborn Windows 7 diehard and resenter of Adobe for attempting to force me to upgrade to a crappy OS in order to obtain future releases of Lr.