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If you are selling your Mac on a site like eBay or just giving it away to your friend, you will perhaps want to make sure that your history is not accessible. The above steps we outlined remove the history, but leave some traces behind on your Mac computer.

But, do not worry as you can use Safewiper File Eraser for Mac to make your browsing data totally unrecoverable. It also can completely erase photos , files, document and other data on Mac. Let's say you wish to keep the browsing data on iCloud but remove it from your local hard drive.

Just use Super Eraser for Mac and everything will be wiped away irretrievably.


How to Permanently Delete Safari Browsing History on Mac

It is easy to remove history using the browser settings. However, the traces are still left behind and thus your data is still retrievable. But, if you are using Safewiper Data Wipe for Mac , you will have complete peace of mind as no one will be able to recover the deleted history.

This amazing product removes everything and overwrites the deleted sectors using special algorithms. Franklin Lee is the senior editor for safewiper studio and is enjoying discovering most useful Tips and Tricks in the iOS world.

How to Delete Specific Safari History on Mac

Part 1: You can selectively remove any item found within Safari history on a Mac by following these instructions:. This tip is particularly useful when combined with the Safari History Search feature, since you can find specific keywords, terms, webpages, websites, and topics within History if you want to selectively delete the history within the browser for any found occurrences.

If you find yourself frequently wanting to delete specific Safari history items, you may be better off preemptively using Private Browsing mode in Safari for Mac , which does not leave any browser history when active. While removing local history will remove traces of a website visit from a particular computer and perhaps hide the visit from yourself or another person, that local data removal has no impact on the various remote servers or the underlying infrastructure used to access websites or the internet in the first place, which separately will track all internet data like website visits and browsing sessions and they may sell that data too.

How to Delete Specific Safari History on Mac

As usual, iOS users are not left out either, as you can delete specific history items from Safari on iPhone and iPad too using a similar method. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:.

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Easy ways to clear browsing history on Mac

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