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Upon power-up you have the choice of whether to boot into Windows or OS-X.

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It, in fact, runs better than it did on my old PC. This does not change the fact that Simply is still not supported on Mac machines. Regular backups are hugely important. Thank you Mike for the review. I have just today purchased a new Mac Mini to replace my PC but worrie about how I can integrate and run Simply on my new Mac especially after seeing the other postings about how it's not supported on Mac, data corruption etc Thank you for your posting, and I can now forget about getting the parallel software and just use Simply via bootcamp.

In my Macbook, I have run Windows software via bootcamp and had no issues. I guess I'll just continue using Simply by accessing Windows environment via bootcamp. When I purchase the Mac do the techies set up the Boot Camp partition for me to run Windows or is it already set up?

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How much help do they give? Well, depending on y our level of comfortability with computers and such, it's quite easy to do yourself. The Max OS will already have the bootcamp utility installed, but you will need to run it and have a copy of Windows available to install. I suggest XP. I would imagine, as life is like this, that if you pay them they'll do it for you Also, is Simply Accounting a requirement or can you run the version on BootCamp?

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Boot camp is part of the OS so the model is of no issue. As long as your version of simply is compatible with the version of.

Sage Pastel needs Windows to run

I would reccomend an upgrade to the newest version of simply in any case due. Site Search User. Canada More. Sage 50 Accounting - Canadian Edition.

Sage 50 Accounting - Canadian Edition requires membership for participation - click to join. Share More Cancel. Replies 9 replies Subscribers 82 subscribers Views views Users 0 members are here Category: installation. Subcategory: Download and installation. Running Simply Accounting on an Apple Mac. Online50 provides a completely joined up online e-commerce system — your website updates your stock and accounts in real time, your online sales channels feed straight in, and your customers make real-time enquiries about their accounts and orders.

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Online50 pioneered accountants and their clients collaborating in the Cloud — way back in the days before it was called the cloud. More than a decade later we are still the premier provider for enabling accountancy services online. Watch a 4 minute video explaining how switching to a fully Integrated e-Commerce system transformed a business. Watch here: Integrated eCommerce. An online crm package integrated with Sage 50 and moulded to how your business works. Highly scaleable. Online50 makes industry leading software even better for business.

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It was not what Macs were originally designed for. With Online50, you can have all the benefits of running the Sage 50 Accounts, the UK's most popular accounting software, accessed on your Mac without having to install Windows. There are alternatives but they tend to be slow and not suited to efficient work. With Online50, access the full version of your software with a Mac and enjoy a fast, simple and secure user experience.

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Online50 makes it possible to access Sage software with your iPad. In fact, any business software you work with that is Windows based can be accessed on an iPad. Many apps for the iPad are cut down versions. With Online50, access the full version on your iPad over an Internet connection. If using an iPad makes sense for your business, can you afford not to be able to access your full version business software wherever you need to work?

Keep your Apple products clear of Windows but benefit from using Sage on your Mac using an Internet browser. With Online50 you can enjoy all the benefits of great software like Sage while enjoying the great experience of Apple products.