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How Do I Open A .EXE File In Mac OS X?

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How to extract .exe on a Mac?

Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ. Related Alternatively, you can remove file extension altogether. Next, you need to give launcher file executive permissions. NOTE: In some cases, your custom icon will not display if launcher file has extension.

Unzip a Windows self-extracting .exe zip file - Mac OS X Hints

Refer to previous steps on how to rename the launcher. In some cases, you will need to manually extract the icon from the. This can be done using tools like Resource Hacker. This tutorial, however, will not cover the process of doing it. Now that you have your icon file ready, open it with the Preview.

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  • In case of. In the top left corner of the launcher info, there will be a small image showing current icon, click on it to highlight it.

    If everything goes well, the icon of your launcher will change. You may patch the main wine launcher yourself and forget about this variable. As of 1. If on an older release, you can force using the Mac driver by either:. It should specify the load order, e. Page Discussion View source History. Jump to: navigation , search.