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Then install the player. For installing the Mac plug-in follow the instructions on the screen.

Our kitchen designer tool for download

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Start planning. Kitchen quick quoter Imagine the different possibilities, then try them out and shape the kitchen to fit your own personality. Book a kitchen planning appointment. More Testimonials. Create Your Designs.

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Start Designing Today. Get a free day trial. Kitchen and bath design professionals fill out the form below. Which option best fits you? Which software would you like to try? How did you hear about us? If you selected "Other" above please specify:. Preferred method of contact Phone Text Email. I confirm that I am a professional or student in the kitchen and bath industry. Get started. Join us on-demand or monthly for free webinars.

Learn tips and tricks in a one-on-one or group workshop. Meet up with us as we travel around the USA to network and demonstrate some of our revolutionary products like ProKitchen Oculus. The Facebook group created for paid customers to help each other succeed with ProKitchen Software.

Share tips, tricks, help each other resolve issues, and share your designs. Two full days of hands-on, extensive training in a classroom setting, including a free copy of the complete ProKitchen Training Book.

Learn how to use the program from the basics through a complete custom design and much, much more. The app works in most browsers, and you can use it without creating an account. However, if you do register an account you can share your home designs with friends, save them for later, and post designs to social networks. The interesting thing about My Deco is that it has thousands of items to choose from, ranging from counters and cabinets to smaller vases, posters and lamps.

All of these items are real products, so if you like how they look, you should be able to find the real-world versions of the items online. Having thousands of products to choose from could be seen as a downside, however.

1. Lowe’s Virtual Kitchen Designer

It takes a long time for My Deco to load its product listings, even if you have a broadband connection. Functionally, the Homebase Kitchen Planner is almost identical to the Ikea kitchen planner. Both tools are powered by the 3D Viewer. The main difference between the two tools is the branding, and the selection of items available to build your kitchen with.

24 Best Online Kitchen Design Software Options in (Free & Paid)

In terms of user-interface and features, the tools share a lot of similarities, even down to the option to create a shopping list based on the items you add to the 3D planner. One nice extra feature with the Homebase app, however, is the option to view your designs in a near-photorealistic high quality mode. Homebase does offer the option to schedule a design appointment from within the app, which is a nice bonus for someone who has almost finished their design and is ready to buy.

Browser-based tools are a good option for trying out new ideas, but they are not as sophisticated as traditional 3D home design applications. If you decide that you want to do a complete re-design of your kitchen, and you want to use unusually sized cabinets, or have a bespoke kitchen made, consider investing in a traditional suite such as one of the lower-end Chief Architect packages or Total Home Designer.