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Video Downloader Pro. Google Calendar by Google. Google Play Music. The easiest way to do that is to change the je into a jne, essentially reversing its meaning. If we simply switch the binary code for the je to , at address c9c, we should have our crack.

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Let's test it out in gdb. We break on awakeFromNib so we're able to fiddle around while the app is frozen. Now here's the confusing thing to be aware of: endianness. While on disk, the binary code is normal, intel is a little-endian system which puts the most significant byte last, and thus reverses every four-byte block in memory. We recognize the first two bytes from earlier.

We need to switch the first two bytes to Let's start by disassembling the method so we can better see our way around. Find the relevant statement:. Here we set the first byte at 0xc9c.

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By simply counting in hexadecimal, we know that the next byte goes at address 0xc9d, and set it as such. Let's disassemble again to check if the change was done right. We should only have changed 74 to 75, and not 09 to Let's fix our mistake. This looks good!


Let's execute the app to admire our crack. We're in, and the app thinks we're a legitimate customer. Time to get wasted and party!

I recommend Vessel nightclub in downtown San Francisco. Well, not quite. We still need to make our change permanent. As it currently stands, everything will be erased as soon as we quit gdb. We need to edit the code on disk, in the actual binary file. Let's find a chunk of our edited binary big enough that it likely won't be repeated in the whole binary. That's the memory representation of the code, a whole 8 blocks of four bytes starting at 0xc9c.

Taking endianness into account, we must reverse them and we get the following:. The very first byte of the series is the 74 that we switched into By changing it back, we can deduce the original binary code to be:.


Let's open the binary in a hex editor. I used vim, but feel free to use any hex editor at this point. Android e iOS Lug 3, 0.

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